As the spirit gives the same did happen to our leadership. Very dedicated, humbly person to God

Pastor Luzuko Sivuyile Skoti is the spiritual father of River of living Water Church. The most enlightened and highly esteemed member of our religious fellowship, he was called by God to this work and spends his times in accordance with the teachings and prayers of River of living Water Church, promoting happiness, harmony, and peace on Earth.

He was ordianed in March 2003 by the late Archibishop Adonijah Mhlwayeli Ludidi, the founder of the Christ Gospel of Miracles Church in Gugulethu Cape Town. He had served under the leadership of Christ Gospel of Miracles Church gaining his knowledges, teachings, leadership, equiped for the future church he would lead. In year 2004 he was then put in action at a branch in Phumlani Village, Lotus River where he started preaching and doing the work of God and the Lord was with him withnessing His Word.

The man of God received his calling year 2010 April while he was serving at Christ Gospel of Miracles Church for a couple of years. He was a keyboard player as well and a youth member, having a responsibilities of the Lotus river branch also, where God has touched so many souls in the community of Phumlani Village. God had a bigger vision for him now to start a new church in Philippi and be called River of Living Water Church. The calling came so loud and clear to him, what to do and how to place things. God commanded him to go tell the leadership of Christ Gospel of Miracles how God appeared to him, how He has spoken to him and the man of God was filled with Holy Spirit.  God has witnessed his calling and did wonders, spiritual gifts and power of the Holy Spirit.

By December 25, 2010 a building for River of Living Water Church was officially opened in the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The building was the first project God commanded to be built at his possession giving all funds he ever had in life. In August 2010 the building construction started and the Lord was with him all the way and provided strength and availability of everything till the complete building was ready in December. River of Living Water Church hold their services at this building since then and the Lord is at work.

We pray and trust the Lord in everything we do and believe to God for His power, mighty, marvelous things He has done thus far.


Pastor Skoti